The Business of Blogging: Turn Your Passion Into Income

I’ve successfully turned my passion of traveling with my children into a business and want to help you do the same. After starting my blog as a hobby in 2016 I was able to quit my job in Corporate America in 2019, making my blog my full-time dream career. Growing my Instagram community to over 75,000 in 4 years and website sessions to 30,000/month I’m now in control of my own schedule and income, making twice as much as I was in Corporate America and finding true work/life balance. Let me help you take the guessing out of starting and monetizing your own travel business. Each session lasts one hour.


  • The expertise that Monet provides in her consultations is absolutely amazing and truly invaluable. In fact, I would say she is charging less than she should for all of the information she is providing. Monet shares tons of resources, gives an in-depth overview of SEO, and really motivates you to create a blog that is not only fun but monetary as well. I will definitely be booking another consultation in the near future! - Shayla McGhee

Monet’s insight into how to maximize SEO, working with brands, and monetizing travels was beyond valuable. So much so, I booked a second consultation the following week to soak up as many gems as possible. -Marquita Wright

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